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Shiri Appleby, Roswell WB TV Show

HOT photo gallery of Shiri Appleby 2007 from WB Roswell TV show. She's the alien UFO named Liz Parker and area 51 alien of Mars.

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Roswell TV Show actress, Shiri Appleby Shiri Appleby Roswell TV Show
Shiri Appleby Extravaganza
Science Fiction: Roswell Show
Actresses - Shiri Appleby
Shiri Appleby - Roswell's Liz Parker
Shiri Appleby: Celebrity Pics
Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker
Shiri Appleby Fan
Babe of the Day: Shiri Appleby

Roswell - The New WB TV Teen Alien Drama Starring Shiri Appleby & Jason Behr |of WB's much anticipated teen alien drama ROSWELL would probably have had a much harder road to hoe with his new creation if it weren't for Whedon's BUFFY miracle BabeMania: The Best Female Celebrity Sites: A : Shiri Appleby Roswell TV Show, Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker and Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans starring in the wb's Roswell tv drama. Includes pictures of the two coolest girls on area 51, roswell.

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